Holidaying homeowners leaving alarms unset

by May 31, 2016Domestic Security, Intruder Alarms

With the summer holidays in full swing, research shows that householders are leaving their homes open to burglars. The survey of 4,237 British adults found that less than a third (32%) have a burglar alarm in their home and, of these, less than half (49%) actually set it every time they go on holiday.

Of those Britons that rarely or never set their burglar alarm, one in five admits to forgetting to switch it on, while for 13% of householders it’s because they fear getting false alarms. The same amount (13%) rarely or never set their alarm because they find it too complicated.

“British householders could face more than a bad case of sunburn when they return home from holiday this summer”, said Steve Riley, Commercial Director at RISCO Group UK. “There were an estimated 800,000 domestic burglaries in 2014/2015, resulting in an average loss per incident of £2,267 and damage costing £892. ”We are urging our customers that have an alarm to make sure it is working and switched on when they close the front door and head off on holiday this summer. Householders should also be aware that not switching their burglar alarm on can affect their home insurance, potentially leaving them without cover in the event of a burglary.