Is it time to upgrade?

by Jul 19, 2018Commercial Security, Domestic Security, Intruder Alarms

Is your current home security system old and outdated? How long have you had it and how often do you use it? What kind of life changes have happened since you had it installed? Is your system protecting your home properly? Like your mobile phone or washing machine alarms have a lifespan which means they also need to be updated. Our families and possessions grow and change over the years so why shouldn’t your home security system grow with you?

Is your security system still suiting your needs?

It could be time to consider upgrading your system, with the sudden boom of wherever and whenever security becoming available at your fingertips does your system have the ability to be app controlled from your smart phone or smart device, have your children grown up? The new smart app notification feature will alert you when your system is set or unset, meaning you can keep an eye on when your family are home or away. A great benefit of modern alarms is they are portable, so you could choose an alarm to take with you if you are planning to move in the near future. Most new alarm systems are wireless, and battery operated.

Today’s wireless alarm systems are less expensive! Installation is easy and quick without the hassle of running wires. And the system can be up and running in a fraction of the time required to install traditional, hardwired systems. Additional sensors and devices can be added at a later date more easily. So wireless security alarms offer a scalable solution that grows as your needs change.

Is your old system giving you problems?

The older a system gets the more issues that will arise, parts will deteriorate and become obsolete (meaning the manufacturers will not make the part anymore), Older systems can look outdated and often ugly! Technology has come along way meaning large 80’s style detectors are a thing of the past with the new non-noticeable window and movement detectors.

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New systems can bring down costly insurance premiums

Having a new system installed can bring down costly insurance premiums, At All Secure Security we are an NSI accredited company which is a recommendation from most insurance companies for a home alarm.

If your system is now over 10 or 15 years old, it is definitely worth considering an upgrade, regardless of how well it has been maintained. if you’re not sure how old your system is or when it was last upgraded, it is time to assess so Call or email us today to discuss options or to arrange a free quote.