Things to Consider Before Choosing a Burglar Alarm for Your Home

by Feb 15, 2017CCTV, Domestic Security, Intruder Alarms

Protecting your home, your belongings and your family from the threat of intruders is a high priority, with many people taking extra steps to ensure their property is fully secured. From CCTV, dead-bolted doors to motion lights, the options available are varied enough to suit all environments.

When it comes to choosing a Burglar Alarm, there are a number of things to look out for to ensure that you end up with the right solution to your property’s needs.

1. The security installer and provider?

Be sure to Choose your alarm installer carefully, checking for relevant accreditations as well as considering their reputation within the industry. Checkatrade is always a good place to consider reviewing a company’s reputation. At All Secure Security we are an SSAIB accredited company with 30 years industry experience. Don’t just take out word on how good we are, our reviews speak for themselves

2. Which Type of Alarm do I Need?

At All Secure Security we will be able to provide you with advice and assistance for this decision, having an idea in your head before you start will certainly help. With technology constantly improving, remote and wireless alarms now provide an effective solution, with a number of sensor triggers and keypad operation options available. Monitored alarms are ideal for those who are regularly away from home, as all incidents are monitored from a central location and key holders or, in some cases, the police are notified in the event of a triggered alarm.

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3. Things to keep in mind?

Having an idea about where your home is most vulnerable will help to determine the alarm that you choose. Take all possible access points into account, including front doors, back doors, windows and garages, and consider alarm options accordingly in relation to motion sensors, window triggers and other components.

4. Are you Moving Soon?

If you have plans to move house within the short- to midterm future, this doesn’t mean you should hold off on securing your current home. Alarms systems add value to a house and it’s a question estate agents will often ask if the House has a working alarm system. We can also install an alarm system that can be easily transferred to your new property when you decide to move on.  

5. Are there Additional Security Features I could also have?

Home security doesn’t stop with residential burglar alarms. While an alarm plays a highly important role in any security system, when used in conjunction with other security features your property becomes far less vulnerable to intruders. Consider door entry systems – ideal for flats – to monitor those entering the building, or CCTV to act as both a visible deterrent and to gather evidence in the event of a break-in.