Having a good security system has plenty of benefits, and can also bring down costly insurance premiums

by Aug 18, 2016Domestic Security, Intruder Alarms

Insurers usually ask questions around your property in order to work out the risk of making a claim on your policy, which effects the cost of your insurance.

Here are some common security and maintenance tips to lower your premium:


  • Install a burglar alarm – Insurers usually want to know if you have a burglar alarm, and some may even offer a discount if you have one. Please enquire for a free home quote.
  • Fit secure locks – Ensuring all windows and doors have correct locks should be on your to-do list as you may struggle to get home insurance at a reasonable price if you don’t.
  • Install a safe – Many insurers charge extra to insure high-value items. Locking expensive jewellery away in a sturdy safe could offset the extra home insurance cost, we have a range of safes in a variety of colors and styles and options of where to put them, please enquire to the office team.